Industrial Photography
Is it possible to photograph the industry, not like everyone else?
Yep, see how

how do they do it?
At first, let’s illustrate a technical process. Somewhat like in the "How do they do it" show. Many will be a wonder to see how common things are made. Usually, factories are closed to outsiders. Until you are not an industrial photographer. So, it will be cool if people discover how do they do it on the example of your product or service. At the same time, you will tell clearly about the advantages and high quality. Well illustrated articles are attracting new customers.
Overall plan
on the ground and above
What if the production process is hidden from view, too unobvious or you just don’t want to show it in detail? But anyway it doesn’t mean there is nothing to photograph at your factory!

Many factories and sites are beautiful on their own. And the walls of your office are too boring without such industrial posters. Hi-tech equipment, old historical buildings, net of pipes and wires: look out the window or walk around — what if it is all about your place? And have you ever seen it from above?

Many photographers are good enough in landscape and interior photography, but not everyone works with industrial companies for more than 12 years in a row!

My Works
The Most interesting industrial facilities, which I photographed
virtual tour
What if the flat photo is not enough?

The website visitors would like to take a walk around your place. They could see everything in detail and even touch it. Every part is followed by a description, interactive element, or video. Panoramic points of view are made from the height of human growth and from the bird’s-eye too. Virtual tours are viewable both from the screen and with the VR-glasses.

Look at the example, that I made for Kalinin NPP of Rosatom.

Kalinin NPP
Virtual Tour
of industrial photography
Unlike many other photographers I estimate my job, not on an hourly basis, but depending on complexity, purpose, and processed picture number. It means you pay for photos you really need, not for abstract time.
Industrial photography can be for editorial use or for advertising. For example, if you have a new workshop opening or business meeting and want it for news, then it reportage photography. Usually, it needs no studio lighting and no retouching. The Job price will depend on how long the event goes. So, it’s best to go with the "Minimal" preposition.
If you need bright pictures for booklets, for websites, or for posters, then it will be an advertising photo session. The studio lighting, place preparation, and picture retouching are necessary. A job like this needs more time. The decisive factor is the number of processed pictures you will get. In this case, look for the "Light" preposition and further.
Of course, your goal can not fit all these prepositions. And it’s ok. Just describe your goal in detail and the budget, and we will come up with something really cool for you!
from €135
from €680
from €817
from €1362
What for
news, report, when just editorial content is needed
advertising, photobank, when quality is more important than quantity
advertising, photobank, and everything else, when more sharp pictures are needed
large objects, advertising or non-standard ideas realization
Number of photos
up to 2 hours
1 shift
1-2 shifts
2-3 shifts
Studio lighting
Virtual tour — from € 67 per point of view.
Aerial photographing — from € 204.

* Additional options can be added.
** Aerial photography carried out if necessary, and if there are no obstacles for drone flight.
*** Shift means a workday or departure to the place.
**** No travel expenses are included in the prices.
***** If you don’t allow me to use photos in my portfolio: +50% of the total work price.

9 reasons to hire me
  • Experience
    Working with industrial companies for about 12 years. Photographed many different businesses from small "garage" factories to industrial giants like Siemens or Rosatom.
    And there are more than 50 companies on my list now!
  • Punctuality
    All work will be finished on time. The photo session will never break, and you will never be forced to search for me, remind and wait for a result for weeks as it happens with other creative people sometimes.
  • Officially registered
    And we can work with a signed contract. We also can work through Upwork or other freelance sites.
  • Geography
    Will go everywhere (almost). I’m not afraid to fly and like travel. Have more than 30 cities in 10 countries on my list: from Hamburg (Germany) to Yekaterinburg (Russia). Including the Arctic.
  • Teamwork
    We can manage a big project with models, stylists, decorators, designers,
    and a video crew. If you are a production or agency, I will enjoy being a part of your team too.
  • Equipment
    I use professional equipment from Nikon and DJI. Also, I have a set of lighting equipment, a professional monitor, and other hardware for quality photography.
  • SMM
    I have a professional Instagram account with 25 000 followers and a blog. My followers love "how do they do" posts. So we can collaborate in the blogosphere too.
  • Watchfulness
    Thanks to my experience in industrial photography, I don't do hundreds of useless pictures, because I know exactly how and what to photograph, and what not to. You get really needful photos that sell.
  • Mindfulness
    Industrial companies are my primary profile. I really like what I photograph and understand it well.
And now tell me about you and your project
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