Photography of scaffolding and protective structures
Telinekataja is a Finnish manufacturer and supplier of scaffolding, awnings, and other prefabricated structures.
The Russian representative of the client approached us with the task of shooting building structures during the restoration of the Golitsyn estate in Znamensky Lane, for the portfolio of the company's work.
I decided to shoot mainly view and panoramic shots since the structures themselves were already mounted and no manipulations were made directly with them. I tried to convey the main components of the structures, as well as link them with the surrounding landscapes so that it can be seen that the object is located in Moscow. Some of the photos were taken of the object itself, and some from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. We decided not to use the drone because of its proximity to the Kremlin. The shooting was carried out on a Nikon D810 camera with lenses from 15 mm to 400 mm.
The customer replenished his photobank with images of the object in Russia.
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