Reportage photography
How to catch the moment,
and miss nothing?

and other technical shows
The most interesting and close topic to me in reportage photography is fast-moving vehicles: cars, airplanes, and yachts. and everything that can compete in their speed characteristics. And the emotions of the spectators and pilots of course. Moreover, any competition between vehicles and human limits is impossible without advertising, and I’m an advertising photographer too. I took pictures at Formula 1 for Pirelli for the blog, and for the Panzerbox team at the Can-Am rally, the oldtimers rally, and bloggers and journalists races of Jaguar and Land Rover. I’m constantly photographing the MAKS and other airshows. If you present an autosport or aviation company, drop me a message please, and we will find common interests and collaborate on future events.
must go on!
Concerts and performances — one of my favorite topics in reportage photography. Especially when I allowed photography backstage too. I took pictures of shows and interviews with stars like Scorpions, Tarja Turunen, DDT, and Dima Bilan. Also, I worked at theatres and clubs. Usually, such events are interesting for media covering culture and art, and for news agencies. However, some companies invite musicians and showmen to their corporate events. Photographing such events is interesting but no easy job because of complex stage lights, dark halls, and fast-moving artists and spectators, and the photographer must be inconspicuous at the same time. I have enough experience in this work, and I’m the one who will help you to photograph these events.
everything else that happens
I often take pictures of events. It’s necessary for my clients to cover their business events. The Clients use these pictures in the reports, publish them on their websites and social networks, and if the event had public importance, they send photos to the media too. Also, I collaborate with TASS and Kommersant agencies, and with periodicals, they cover newsworthy events. Such photos must be honest and reliable, that’s why they shall not be edited. I strive not only to just photograph what is happening but catch the moment that will turn a picture into a piece of art.
Reportage photos will tell your audience about what is happening now and will later become history. That’s why my job is to be not only in right place at the right time but quickly send you photos for publishing.
reportage photography
One hour of reportage photography — from €62.50.

The Price includes transfers inside the Moscow Region *, photographing of the event, and pictures without retouching.

Retouching of one picture** — from €7.50.

* No travel expenses included in price.
** Retouching means (but not limited to) removing skin imperfections and undesired objects, and e.t.c.

9 reasons to hire me
  • Experience
    Work in reportage photography for about 15 years. Took pictures for TASS Agency, Kommersant, for companies, including TMH, Siemens, Metrogiprotrans, and a number of government and commercial enterprises in Russia and abroad.
  • Punctuality
    All work will be finished on time. The photo session will never break, and you will never be forced to search for me, remind and wait for a result for weeks as it happens with other creative people sometimes.
  • Officially registered
    And we can work with a signed contract
    and charge to the account. We also can work through Upwork.
  • Geography
    Will go everywhere (almost).
    I’m not afraid to fly and like travel. Have more than 30 cities in 10 countries on my list: from Hamburg (Germany) to Yekaterinburg (Russia). Including the Arctic.
  • Teamwork
    We can manage a big project with models, stylists, decorators, designers,
    and a video crew. If you are a production or agency, I will enjoy being a part of your team too.
  • Equipment
    I use professional equipment from Nikon and DJI. Also, I have a set of lighting equipment, a professional monitor, and other hardware for quality photography.
  • SMM
    I have a professional Instagram account with 25 000 followers
    and a blog. My followers love beautiful pictures with stories of how I work. And they are interested in my work. So we can collaborate in the blogosphere too.
  • Watchfulness
    Thanks to my experience in photography, I don’t do hundreds of useless pictures, because I know exactly how and what to photograph, and what not to. You get really needful photos that sell.
  • Mindfulness
    Reportage photography is one of my primary topics. I really like what I photograph and understand it well.
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