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what a designer and owner need
I have no my own room when I was a kid. That’s why I loved to see architectural magazines and dreamed about a house with a cozy interior. I even sketched the most liked interiors into the notepad. Probably, it was because some interior photographers succeeded to catch that design the right way. Now I do interior photos myself. And I also try to understand interior design and convey it in photos. Especially nice, when my photos are published in authoritative magazines and exposed at author’s exhibitions.

Off course, interior photography is needed not only for designers but property owners too. Here the functionality, conveniences, safety, and other room qualities are in the first place. In this case, I’m focusing on the main functions of the interior, emphasizing the virtues and trying to smooth limitations. The Competition in the property business is strong, but the quality of pictures is not good enough often. I help my customers to stand out from others.
exterior on ground and above
I really love beautiful architecture. I studied in class with an artistic bias at school. There I comprehended the basics of architecture and was thinking to be an architect. It could seem that architecture photography is simple. But like every other genre, it needs experience and the subject’s basic knowledge at least. Even an interesting project can be built in not a good place for advertising shooting in such tightly built cities like New York, London, or Moscow. But you don’t have to worry about it. I will come up with how at what time and from what point to photograph a building to get perfect pictures for your portfolio or property website.

My works in architecture photography were not once exposed at exhibitions, but printed in magazines and books.

My Works
Most interesting architectural and interior photography
virtual tour
Give your customers the walk or even the flight over your property. Virtual tours are viewable both from the screen and with VR glasses.
Look at the example, that we made in collaboration with the High-Level agency for Insigma’s Red Side project.
Virtual tour
of interior and architectural photography
Unlike many other photographers, I estimate my job, not on an hourly basis, but depending on complexity, purpose, and processed picture number. It means you pay for photos you really need, not for abstract time.
Of course, your goal can not fit all these prepositions. And it’s ok. Just describe your goal in detail, and we will come up with something really cool for you!
Rent & Sale
from €95
Interior & Architecture
from €202
Interior & Architecture+
from €337
What for
rent or sale of property
for designers and architects, for architectural media, for business
for designers and architects, for business, for developers
Number of photos
Processing *
Retouching **
Interior decoration ***
Aerial ****
Virtual tour — from €65 per point (3 or more points).

Aerial photography — from €195.

* Processing includes perspective and optical distortion correction and basic color/contrast correction.
** Retouch includes the undesired objects removing, montage, layers, and compositing/stacking.
*** Ordering, rent, and shipping of interior decoration are not included in the price and are paid separately.
**** Aerial photography is carried out if necessary, and if there are no obstacles to drone flying. Also can be replaced with photography from near buildings, lifts, and from other elevations.
***** No travel expenses included.
****** If you don't allow me to use photos in my portfolio: +50% of the total work price.

9 reasons to hire me
  • Experience
    Photograph architecture and interior for about 10 years.
    Worked for freelance interior designers, bureaus of architecture, and building companies like for example Metrogiprotrans, Insigma, PSN, and others.
  • Punctuality
    All work will be finished on time. The photo session will never break, and you will never be forced to search for me, remind and wait for a result for weeks as it happens with other creative people sometime.
  • Officially registered
    And we can work with a signed contract and charge to the account.
    We also can work through Upwork.
  • Geography
    Will go everywhere (almost).
    I’m not afraid to fly and like travel. Have more than 30 cities in 10 countries on my list: from Hamburg (Germany) to Yekaterinburg (Russia). Including the Arctic.
  • Teamwork
    We can manage a big project with models, stylists, decorators, designer,
    and video-crew.
    If you are a production or agency, I will enjoy being a part of your team too.
  • Equipment
    I use professional equipment from Nikon and DJI. Also, I have a set of lighting equipment, a professional monitor, and other hardware for quality photography.
  • SMM
    I have a professional Instagram account with 25 000 followers
    and a blog. My followers love beautiful pictures with stories of how I work. And they may be interested in interior design, your services, or property buying. So we can collaborate in the blogosphere too.
  • Watchfulness
    Thanks to my experience in working with architects and designers, I don't do hundreds of useless pictures, because I know exactly how and what to photograph, and what not to You get really needful photos that sale.
  • Mindfullness
    Architectural and interior photography is one of my favorite genres not only a job. I really like what I photograph and understand it well.
And now tell me about you and your project
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