Advertising photography is a broad concept. All my experience is related to "the selling picture". I’m photographing products and manufacturing processes for industrial companies. Developers, architects, and interior designers promote their projects with my photos. There even musicians are on my list, which I photographed for the poster. Yes, I like to discover new areas of advertising photography. So even if you didn’t find here examples of your task, it doesn’t mean I can’t help you at all. Also, I collaborate with agencies, studios, and production. Give me a call or a message. and we will definitely figure out how to solve your task.
My Works
Advertising photography
of advertising photography
Unlike many other photographers, I estimate my job, not on an hourly basis, but depending on complexity, purpose, and processed picture number. It means you pay for photos you really need, not for abstract time.
Of course, your goal can not fit all these prepositions. And it's ok. Just describe your task in detail, and we will come up with something really cool for you!
S Size
from €260
M Size
from €390
L Size
from €520
XL Size
from €650
What for
jewelry, clothes
small home appliances
and e.t.c.
advertising, small and big objects,
food, furniture,
home appliances and e.t.c.
vehicles and equipment, cars, motorcycles, and e.t.c.
large objects, trucks, construction technic,
industrial machines, and e.t.c.
Number of pictures
€10 per photo
€15 per photo
€20 per photo
€25 per photo
* All photography with studio lighting equipment. Aerial photo available for large things.
** NO models and stylist included in prices.
*** NO studio rent included in prices. Also NO additional photo equipment rent (ask what I must have).
**** NO travel expenses included in prices.
***** Location search time, additional rent for transport photography, 3d graphic and special artistic retouch will be counted additionally. Depending at your task.
****** If you don't allow me to use photos in my portfolio: +50% of total work price.
9 reasons to hire me
  • Experience
    Worked in advertising photography for about 12 years, photographing for 10 different areas of business: from industry and trade to medicine and entertainment.
    And I have cases for more than 50 companies.
  • Punctuality
    All work will be finished on time. The photo session will never break, and you will never be forced to search for me, remind and wait for a result for weeks as it happens with other creative people sometime.
  • Officially registered
    And we can work with a signed contract and charge to the account.
    We also can work through Upwork.
  • Geography
    Will go everywhere (almost).
    I’m not afraid to fly and like travel. Have more than 30 cities in 10 countries on my list: from Hamburg (Germany) to Yekaterinburg (Russia). Including the Arctic.
  • Teamwork
    We can manage a big project with models, stylists, decorators, designers,
    and video-crew.
    If you are a production or agency, I will enjoy being a part of your team too.
  • Equipment
    I use professional equipment from Nikon and DJI. Also, I have a set of lighting equipment, a professional monitor, and other hardware for quality photography.
  • SMM
    I have a professional Instagram account with 25 000 followers
    and a blog. My followers love bright colorful pictures. Some of them could be your potential customers and buyers. So we can collaborate in the blogosphere too.
  • Watchfulness
    Thanks to my experience in industrial photography, I don't do hundreds of useless pictures, because I know exactly how and what to photograph, and what not to. You get really needful photos that sale.
  • Mindfulness
    Advertising photography is one of my primary profiles. I really like what I photograph and understand it well.
And now tell me about you and your project
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