Photography of the new metro train
Transmashholding (TMH), is the largest manufacturer of rolling stock in Russia.
Photograph a subway train the way no one usually photographs subway trains.
I decided to shoot the train in a studio style, a similar way they usually shoot cars. The problem was that usually these kinds of shots are done with a lot of powerful light, reflectors, and a whole crew. And I had only a couple of mobile flashes, an umbrella, and no assistants. The good news is that all equipment fits in one suitcase. I came to the Metrovagonmash plant, where the railcars are assembled, and where a workshop was allocated for shooting. I shot with Nikon D810. It was impossible to illuminate the train well with two flashes, so I took several dozen frames with fragments illuminated, and then glued everything together into one image during processing, as if the train was lit all at once.
We got quite bright photos that the client liked, after which he also ordered me to shoot new passenger cars.
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