Sochi Autodrom
Photography of Supercars
During a trip to Sochi, I decided to take the opportunity to shoot sports cars in advertising style at the famous Autodrom, where I once had to shoot the Formula 1 championship and drift training.
For shooting, I was given several Mercedes-Benz and Lambordghini cars, which Autodrom rents out with an instructor for demonstration and training runs. The racer Denis Kotlov, posed during the shooting. In addition to shooting on the track, we also managed to shoot the DeLorean at the Motorsport Museum, I used it for collage. I only had two hours, which is really not much for a shoot like this. I used rechargeable flashes and a Nikon D810 camera and later processed the photos in Affinity Photo.
I made several spectacular shots, which I posted on social networks, and which were shared by the Autodrom itself.
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