The Scorpions show in Moscow
Go to the concerts photography, get experience. Capture a Scorpions "Sting in the Tail" concert and make a blog post.
Moscow, Russia

It was my first experience of photography at a concert. I found the contacts of the organizer and agreed on the possibility of photographing at the concert. As a bonus, I also allowed shooting a press conference and a meeting with young fans from a school for children with visual impairments. The shooting was carried out on my first camera, an amateur Nikon D40 with a Tamron 28−75 f2.8 lens from the media zone in front of the stage, where other photographers and cameramen also worked. Only the first 3−4 songs were allowed to photograph in the media zone. Due to inexperience, it was quite difficult to catch at least something interesting.
The photos were appreciated by both the organizer and the readers of my blog, and later they were accepted into TASS Agency, with which I had just begun to cooperate. Some of the pictures were published in the press, in particular, one was shown on the screen in the TV studio during Vladimir Pozner’s interview with Klaus Meine.
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