Can-Am rally
Taisiya Shtaneva, Russian T3/ATV rally champion, member of the Panzerbox racing team
Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
Entrer motorsport photography, and learn to shoot something else besides industry)). Capture a stage of the Can-Am Rally in Tatarstan.
It was my first experience photographing a rally. Unlike shooting concerts and events, and even drift and circuit races, which I have already had to deal with, it is much more difficult to be in the right places at the right time in the rally, since the working location stretches over tens of kilometers of rough terrain. You can’t do it without knowledge of the track or an assistant who knows it well, as well as without an SUV. Photography skills for such an event had to be developed in the process. I used my standard reporting kit of two Nikon full-frame cameras, a 70−200mm telephoto lens with a 2x converter for most shots, a 50 mm normal lens, and a 15−30mm wide-angle lens for when I could get close to my subjects. I also shot stories for online broadcasts on Instagram. Unfortunately, at that time I did not yet have a drone and an assistant for highlighting shadows with a rechargeable flash, but these moments will be taken into account in future shootings.
Photos and stories were published on my Instagram and on the team’s account, and I got great pleasure and valuable experience, which I plan to expand in the future.
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