Industrial Reportage of test sites in honor of the 100th anniversary of the institute
Make a report for a blog during a press tour on the eve of the centenary of TsAGI.
The most interesting and historical place in TsAGI is the huge T-101 aerodynamic tube, the second largest in the world, and the T-128 for transonic testing. First of all, I wanted to see and photograph them. The disadvantage of any press tour is a crowd of colleagues constantly spoiling a picture, making similar shots, and too limited time to shoot. I would like to have at least two days for such a gigantic object as TsAGI, full of interesting things, but the press tour was limited to 2 hours. There was no time to set the light properly, but I still lingered in the T-101 wind tunnel for several frames, illuminating the huge turbine with a single flash from two points, supplementing the frame with my silhouette. Then it turned out to be the T-128 transonic tube was inaccessible due to the tests carried out inside. Most time I shot without illumination, or with a camera flash, and rarely used a tripod. Of course, no preliminary preparation of the space, which I recommend before advertising shootings, was carried out here.
In my portfolio, I show mainly advertising shoots, which took a long time to shoot, need preliminary preparation of the space, setting of light, and retouching. This work just demonstrates the result of a reportage shooting of an industrial facility without the "options" mentioned above. Photos were published on my blog on Zen and on Instagram.
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