Production of vibration and capacitive equipment
Vibrodeq. Russian manufacturer of vibration and capacitive equipment.
Shjooting the production of equipment and employees at work for the customer's site.
In the beginning, I had no idea what vibration and capacitive equipment were and how they were produced. Therefore, I came to the factory to see and figure out how to shoot it. In a small workshop, they worked a lot with metal, so the space could not be called sterile, and without additional light, it would impossible to shoot something interesting. In addition, it was necessary to shoot in such a way that there would be as few sloppy and dirty moments in the frame as possible. And I had to retouch it a lot. Usually, I recommend pre-cleaning and providing staff with clean uniforms and self-protective equipment, which was done by the client. All these moments, of course, did not frighten me, since this is a common thing in metalworking factories. The client liked my previous work in the industry and I used the same style. I shot with Nikon D810 using two rechargeable flashes. Frames with different light accents were mixed and retouched in Affinity Photo.
Photos are used on the client's website both in the gallery and in the design, which makes the site more visual and memorable.
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