Texturing of SJ100 for MS Flight Simulator
Headwind Simulations, a global freelance developers team.
Flight simulator gamers asked us to make some real livery textures for SJ100 3D model. And we also decided to fix some shortcomings in details of previously made (not by me) 3d Model of this jet.
I used Blender and Affinity Photo to paint liveries, and some details I painted with Substance 3D Painter too. Also I fixed mesh flaws and details with Blender.
Gamers gave to us very positive feedback and were glad to see the rare russian jet in style of their favorite companies.
Finnair SJ100 3d model was rendered by me with the Corona Renderer in 3DS Max just for portfolio, while the others pictures are screenshots from MS Flight Simulator.
Thanks for watching my portfolio. Please drop me a message if you need an efficient specialist to create game object models, let us discuss your project in detail.
The Сost of vehicle 3D modeling is from €660.35 read more→
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