My Deco
3D Modeling of Furniture
The Client was MyDeco, the British furniture, and decor shop. They had a virtual-reality app on their website, where the buyer is able to construct his room and check how the desired item fits it.
The client requested furniture and decoration 3d models from their catalog for use in their VR app. I was a part of the freelance modeling crew who work on the project and work for the client for 4 years from 2008 to 2010.
United Kingdom
I used 3ds Max for modeling. My part of the work consisted of modeling products by photos and dimensions. Then I delivered models for future texturing and integration to the app.
A lot of different furniture models were used in the application on the MyDeco website. Application help client’s customers to choose the right product and check how it will fit their interior.
The Price of product 3d modeling is from €65.50 read more→
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